This is a collection of some projects I’ve dabbled with outside of formal work settings. Some are also part of my post graduate work.

Raspberry Pi node server using the MEAN stack

RasPi – The two links under the Raspi menu are for LED and Audio transmission. One way audio plays back on my always on Raspberry Pi so have fun talking into a cave! If the speakers are off, the LEDs blink to alert incoming audio messages on my end. (Sorry, I haven’t updated after the host move, so this project is not online currently)

Snake – Mr Noodles / A simple Android game

A simple android game developed in my spare time to bring back memories of the popular Nokia platform game Snake. Graphics, sound, artwork vary considerably but the goals remain similar. Works on the most classic Android devices as well requiring Android SDK 1.5 or above only.

Available on the Play Store

AppInventor Toggle / Android utility

A simple utility application that allows one click enabling of the features needed to work with Google’s latest AppInventor on an Android powered device. Updates are accompanied by Toast notifications. Toggle can be triggered via application button or a 1×1 home-screen widget.

Available on the Play Store

Subtitle Player for Mac (tested on Snow Leopard)

Subtitle Player is a simple and very basic application that plays subtitles in a window. The window can be moved around and also supports transparency for content that takes up the entire screen. Subtitle fonts are also customizable.

  • Works with SRT files
    • Customizable subtitle text
    • Floating/non-floating window with transparency
    • Subtitle window movable
    • Play/pause subtitles (spacebar)
    • Navigate subtitles (left/right arrows)

Download it here.

Research based projects

Details of how these experiments were conducted can be found in the published papers under publications.

  1. Eyes-free text entry (iPhone / Mac) / Handwriting recognition with a speech interface
  2. Dictionary Pattern Matcher / RegEx and MSD calculator for text entry error correction
    1. No guarantees that it still works but the software is available here for download
  3. TiltRead / Gesture based screen reading on devices with accelerometers [PDF]
  4. LetterScroll / TTS based software for measuring blindfolded user performance
  5. Collaborative voting with mice and laser pointers